Sunday, August 1, 2010

two months out

two months out and thank GOD I can say that I'm out of my stall. That baby had been dragging on for weeks and I'm not going to lie... I was going crazy.  You can talk big about staying calm all you want, but when those numbers stop ticking down you start losing it. like big time.

As we speak I'm currently down to 105kg, which is 231 pounds. Thats a total lose of 25 kg or 55 pounds!

Never in my life did I think I could lose that much weight or that in two months I'd only be 2kgs (5 pounds) off of being half way to my goal weight. It's got me thinking all sorts of crazy thoughts about whether I should be aiming even lower, maybe 70kgs instead of 76? We shall see... we shall see.

I keep meaning to take photos of myself again, I did it 15kgs ago so it's probably time to take another round, but I'm such a lazy ass that I keep putting it off lol. I've been going through my clothes though, just tonight I spent a few hours giving myself a fashion parade and throwing out all the clothes that are too big. It's the best feeling to have clothes that are too big for once instead of too small. I thought I'd be running out of clothes by now but actually I've just started wearing all my 'skinny' clothes - you know the onces, the onces you keep thinking that you'll fit into them again one day... well today is that day!

I'm feeling great about myself, and some interesting things have started happening to me... I'm able to run without horrible leg pain for one thing, and I've started flirting with boys again, just because my confidence is up. It's actually pretty magical getting checked out by boys and not assuming theyre mocking the fatty with their friends :)

I'm also soooo close to my first goal... my boobs being bigger than my tummy. It's a hard goal because the twins keep shrinking! So yes, my tummy is HEAPS smaller... and I'd say its definitely smaller than my boobs at their original size, but because they keep getting smaller too it seems we're at a stalemate. Sigh - it'll happen :P

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