Wednesday, August 18, 2010

my life half-way

I've reached a big fat milestone recently - halfway to my goal! It's actually got me thinking my goal weight isn't low enough maybe I should set it for 70kg's not 76 but hey, I still think we will see when we get there how I feel and then decide.

I can't believe I'm only two and a half months out and that I'm this far down. 28kilos/60 pounds is... a lot of weight. I was at the doctors today for a checkup and I was talking to some women who'd had a lap band done. One of them was really excited because she'd lost 2kgs/5pounds in a month. I felt a little embarased telling them how much/how quickly I'd lost because I didn't want them to think I was lording it over them but.. hey.. they got the crap-band not me :P

I've been gymminh and running a bit more - today I ran a km in about eight minutes which I was fairly happy with but I'd eventually like to half that so I can keep up with my running buddy lol!

I'm off to sydney next week for a holiday with a bunch of my friends and I've been trying on all my clothes... newsflash: none of them fit me! I basically took around my entire wardrobe to the women's refuge so now my poor wardrobe is looking very spartan. Luckily I'll be able to buy a whole bunch of delicious new clothes for it to eat when I'm in Sydney!


  1. Best Wishes with your weight loss AND your blog

  2. That is so awesome! COngrats!

    - Lisa

  3. I hope you'll come back and keep blogging! It's been over two more months now and I'd love to see pics and hear how you're doing! :)