Friday, May 28, 2010

Pre-op diet

So we're two days into my pre-op diet and I'm not going to lie... it's harder than I figured it would be. I think mostly because (TMI forthcoming) I just got my period and all I want to do is eat fast food and chocolate. Instead I've been trying to kill the cravings by eating veges and frozen raspberries. The frozen raspberries are good to suck on and get a bit of a sweet fix, they're not exactly chocolate but it's working.

Basically my days have been going like this so far:

get up
mix strawberry protein shake to take into school
sip during class
go hang out in my office and try to do some work
mix protein soup up
go home and make veges
have a protein shake and veges

I'm actually shocked at how tired I am. My legs feel heavy and sore, and I've noticed I'm already starting to get grouchy at people. I'm only two days in and everyones telling me it's going to get easier - and I'm hoping they're right. I've got work tomorrow but I might call in sick, I don't know if I can deal with eight hours of customers yelling at me and standing on my feet. To be honest... tonight I may have snapped and eaten some of the soup meat in some vege soup my mom made. I'm a bit annoyed at myself but.. it's only two days and I just have to get over it.

Yeah, it's going to be fine.

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  1. I only had one day of clear liquids before surgery but I went through the same feelings. I was absolutely STARVING and I wanted a burger more than anything. I could only have water, clear isopure, and broth. It was pretty miserable.. but it IS all worth it in the end! I was exhausted too :( You will have lots and lots of rest after surgery :)